Bills Ryan Fitzpatrick Thinks Brandon Spikes Is A Punk

New England Patriots linebacker Brandon Spikes is a different kind of cat.

Spikes is the guy that if you’re not on his team, you’re probably  not going to like him much at all.

Such is the case for all the Buffalo Bills.

Spikes has taken some heat for a block in the two teams last meeting, that many in the Bills locker room deemed dirty and unnecessary.

During Sunday’s victory, Spike crushed Bills quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick, and was hit with a roughing the passer penalty.

Fitzpatrick none to pleased, spewed profanity at Spikes,  and let him know he was not pleased with the play.

After the game, Fitzpatrick was being interviewed, and according to Larry Brown Sports via the Boston Globe, Fitzpatrick wants Spikes to know the Bills are no one’s chump.

“We’re not going to back down from anybody.”

Spikes is an emotional player. I think he’s a punk at times. He took a cheap shot at Scott in the first game, and he was doing a lot of jabbering and talking and getting out there.

“Not one of my favorite players. Not high on my list.”

I’m going to assume Ryan Fitzpatrick made those comments, knowing full well he wouldn’t see Spikes again this season.

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