Blake Griffin Says The Clippers Are Not Concerned About Lakers

The L.A. Clippers are undefeated, have one of the deepest teams in the league, and are loving their Lob City monikers.

The Clippers are poised to take over and run L.A., and according to Blake Griffin via USA Today, “they’re not concerned with the L.A. Lakers at all.”

“We want to be thought of as a good basketball team, and I think we are,” Griffin told USA TODAY Sports. “Like I’ve said over and over, we’re not concerned about the Lakers and what they’re doing. We’re concerned about ourselves and making sure that we’re presenting ourselves the right way and putting our best effort on the court.”

The Clippers will always be concerned with the Lakers, because they may never be the true kings of L.A., until they get one or titles.

One thought on “Blake Griffin Says The Clippers Are Not Concerned About Lakers

  • As a life long resident of Los Angeles the Clippers will never surpass the Lakers mainly because the Lakers have championships spanning 40 years in the city. The Clippers need a few decades of excellence to surpass all of that.

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