Blazers PG Damian Lillard Admits He’s Scared Of Statues

Portland Trail Blazers is a 6’3 195 beast of a rookie on the basketball court who is lighting it up on the court so far this season.

Lillard gets buckets with ease, has out the gym range and will be a star in the league at some point.

Lillard had a secret that he decided to share with USA Today, and it will shock people to find out he’s afraid of “Statues and Historical Monuments.”

Lillard: “I like DC. I wana come back and visit the memorials even though I’m scared of statues” and “People I’m only scared of historic statues. Abraham Lincoln , MLK, etc . Had a bad experience at the wax museum lmao.”

Lillard eventually gave a deeper explanation to his fear.

“I’ve always been scared of historic stuff like that. If I see statues of Jesus, Abraham Lincoln, Martin Luther King Jr. — all that stuff kind of gives me a funny feeling,” Lillard said.

He has trouble remembering when his actual fears started to occur.

“The last room was Barack Obama, Oprah Winfrey, Martin Luther King, Malcolm X, George Washington, Abraham Lincoln — all these big-time historic people, and it looked just like them. Same size,” he said. “They had music playing in the room to set the mood, and it just threw me off.”

“Ever since then, I’m done. Even at Lake Oswego (near Portland), I drive past the cemetery, and there’s a statue of Jesus with his hands up. That even scared me. I don’t mess with statues no more.

“It’s the idea that they’re from so far back, and so big in our history. Just to see something that looks so close to them, it’s weird. It freaks me out.”

That’s deep to me.

I’m not even in the proper mindset to make fun of him, I learn something new everyday.



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  • He probably watches Dr.Who.

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