Brandon Weeden Rips Cleveland Browns Playcalling

As a rookie quarterback, one would think it’s best to just follow what your coaches stay and not ruffle any feathers. Cleveland Browns quarterback Brandon Weeden obviously disagrees.

After the Browns latest lost to the Dallas Cowboys 23-20, he had some interesting comments about the plays the team was running.

Per the Cleveland Plain Dealer: “There’s a couple of routes we ran on Sunday for the first time all week and that’s not fair to me,” Weeden said.  “It’s not fair to the receivers, it’s not fair to any of us, because when you’re getting thrown in the fire and the bullets are flying . . .”

Browns head coach Pat Shurmur took issue with his quarterbacks premise.

“I disagree with some of that because I do think that we make an effort of the ones we’re going to call we practice. A lot of the plays that we practice, we’ve been running all year and you run them in training camp. It’s nearly impossible with the amount of time and then the length of the season to practice every single thing multiple times. You see it going on behind me (after practice) right now. They spend extra time working on the individual routes. That’s what you’ve got to do.”

The Browns are just bad.

Weeden would be smart to recognize that questioning your coaches in the media doesn’t exactly bring the team together.