Brian Shaw Has No Comment When Asked About Interest In Lakers Job

The NBA and social media is on fire right now with news that Mike Brown was fired as head coach of the Los Angeles Lakers. 

The man Brown was selected over and former Lakers assistant, Brian Shaw was asked moments ago about his interest in the current Lakers opening.

Shaw is now an assistant with the Indiana Pacers, and was asked by Pacers beat writer Mike Wells about his interest in the now open position.

Shaw gave a strong no comment.

Wells went on to point out that anything can happen, and that Kobe Bryant has always been a big supporter of Shaw’s.

It would be very interesting to see if Shaw would have interest in the Job if L.A. Called.

Shaw was passed over for Brown based on his inexperience, and Brown’s supposed attention to defense.

One thing particular important about all of this, is when Shaw was told of Brown’s demise, he just shook his head and laughed.