Broncos D.J. Williams Says He’s Bitter About His 9 Game Suspension

Broncos linebacker D.J. Williams is finishing up his 9 game suspension for performance enhancing drugs. 

Williams was suspended 6 games for violation of the leagues performance enhancing policy.

According to the league, Williams was giving something other than his own urine to the drug tester.

He was then suspended an additional 3 games for his second DUI conviction.

Williams is pleased about his return to the Broncos, but according to USA Today, Williams is bitter and angry towards the NFL for the way he’s been ostracized by the league.

“For the rest of my career, I’ll have an asterisk beside my name, saying that I used performance enhancers or steroids or whatever,” Williams said. “People forget that when I was 16, I was 6-2, 225. I went to Miami at 233 [pounds]. My dad is huge, my mom competes in fitness and body competition – that’s the genetics that I have gotten passed on. It sucks because I’ll always be questioned on my ability and what I do as if I did steroids.”

“I felt that the story of D.J. Williams had made a huge wrong turn. It was snowballing, and everything about it was negative,” Williams said. “I’m just excited that my team is doing great, and I can’t wait to get out there and help them.”

“I’m bigger, stronger and faster, and my attitude is a lot different. I’ve got a lot of anger inside, you know what I mean?” Williams said. “Some good, some bad, but I think I play the perfect sport to be angry at somebody. You get to let it out, get the frustration out.”

Williams declined to comment on what the issue was with his urine.

The NFL says when Williams was tested in August and September of 2011, the sample he provided to the league was something other than human urine.

Last November, the tester who showed up at the Broncos facility to take Williams urine, says he saw Williams holding a bottle near his waist moments before taking his test.

The tester said Williams refused to give him the bottle.