Cam Newton Foundation Gifts $150,000 to Charlotte Schools

Tuesday, Carolina Panthers quarterback Cam Newton surprised a group of 450 students, when he spoke at a middle school assembly. His foundation presented $50,000 to three Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools; Bradley Middle School, Thomasboro Academy, and Randolph Middle School. Newton says the funds are theirs to use as they best see fit.  During a 30 minute speech to the students he expressed the importance of education, and also shared that his favorite subject while in middle school was math.

“It’s not something I was forced to do, I wanted to do that”

“You come to grips with what’s important … I want to continually let my impact grow on this community.”

“I know there’s a lot of talent going unnoticed. Whether it’s singing or playing a particular sport or kids that might be geniuses, kids might be scared to come out of their shell…I want to make it cool to be smart. Make it cool to show yourself and show people who you really are.”