Chad Johnson’s Baby Mama Wants Him in Jail For Back Child Support

This is the first I have ever heard of Chad Johnson having issues with any of the mother of his children.  He has never been accused of being a deadbeat dad or not having a relationship with his kids.

But, since a lot of women see child support payments more like women support payments they are quick to run to the media if you are late on a payment.

Andrea Pearson who had a baby with Johnson in 2010 according to TMZ, says Chad owes $5,250 and has been late on payments.  Pearson says without the $5k+ she can’t support the 2 year baby.  This would suggest that Pearson doesn’t work herself.

With that being said if you agree upon an amount you have to pay and Pearson is threatening in legal documents to have Chad put in jail if he doesn’t pay up.

One thought on “Chad Johnson’s Baby Mama Wants Him in Jail For Back Child Support

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