Chinese Fans Angry About Tracy McGrady Playing Time Throw Bottles on Court

McGrady signed with the Qingdao DoubleStar Eagles of the Chinese Basketball Association. McGrady is a big star in China so fans have been flocking to the Eagles preseason games.

But in their last preseason game McGrady only played two minutes and the fans were not happy about it. Here is the account of what happened from Off The Bench.

McGrady started but played only two minutes, angering the crowd that presumably showed up just to see him. Toward the end fans began registering their disgust by throwing stuff onto the court — a time-honored Chinese tradition, I’m told. The debris included water bottles, lighters and just about anything that was handy. Officials then called off the game.

Where is JR Smith’s sister when you need her?

McGrady had to get on the mic and calm the fans down.

“Sorry I wasn’t able to play tonight, due to certain circumstances and the conditions, me being under the weather today.”

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