Chip Kelly Sends Lane Kiffin Text Message Saying USC Will Beat Notre Dame

Notre Dame has no conference tie in or conference championship game to play in, so the formula is simple, beat Southern Cal on Saturday and they’ll play for a National Title.

Several teams are on the outside looking in, including Oregon, Georgia, Florida, and Kansas State.

A few of those teams know whats at stake Saturday night, and are rooting for Southern Cal.

Two of those coaches according to the L.A. Times, sent Kiffin text messages this week with one message at hand, “beat the Irish.”

“I had an Alabama coach text me,” Kiffin said Thursday.

Kiffin was asked if it was head coach Nick Saban.

“Nick doesn’t know how to text,” Kiffin said. “I’ve texted him before.”

Asked what the message said.

“Just win Saturday,” Kiffin said. “Beat the Irish.”

Kiffin then admitted he received a similar text from Oregon Ducks head coach Chip Kelly.

Kelly’s message to Kiffin.

“He said we’re going to win,” Kiffin said.

Wow imagine the circumstances it must take to get a bunch of SEC coaches who despise Lane Kiffin, to send him messages in support now.