Colts Cheerleaders Shave Heads for Coach Chuck Pagano

It’s not like there was ever any doubt as whether or not the entire Colts organization is behind coach Chuck Pagano as he battles cancer, but here is more hard evidence as to just how committed the whole organization is to supporting Pagano.  Per USA Today Sports, Colts cheerleaders Megan M. and Crystal B. had their heads shaved today at Lucas Oil Stadium during the Colts’ 20-13 win over Buffalo, making good on Megan M.’s pledge to shave her head if Colts fans donated $10,000 for cancer research.  Thanks to Megan M. and the Colts cheerleading squad, over $22,000 in funds were raised.  Nice job ladies, and biggups to Colts coach Chuck Pagano as he continues to fight the good fight.