Dez Bryant’s Adviser, Not Cowboys Gave Him Permission to Go Clubbing on Bad Hip

There were two questions that needed to be answered after we reported that Dez Bryant was out two stepping at a Dallas Nightclub last night.

1- Are the Dez Rules still in effect?

2- Did Dez violate them?

The answers are YES and MAYBE.

Dez’s curfew is still in effect, but according to ESPN he had permission to go to the club, but not from the Cowboys, but from his adviser David Wells.

Wells confirmed he approved for Bryant to hang out at a nightclub to celebrate his birthday, which is Nov. 4.

“He had a security person there with him and some of his teammates were there too,” Wells said Saturday morning before leaving for Atlanta, where the Cowboys play the Falcons on Sunday night.

Cowboys officials were not available for comment regarding Bryant getting permission to be out after midnight.

If Dez had permission there was really no need to have people who knew he was at the club to scrub their Twitter accounts to act like he wasn’t there.  That was a panic move on his part.

How wise is it to let your star receiver who is suppose to be rehabbing his injured hip to go out and party is another discussion and something for you Cowboys Fans to decide how you feel about that.

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