Cowboys LT Tyron Smith’s Family Is Threatening Him Over Money

It’s an ever revolving story when guys hit the lottery, sign a professional contract, and your family expects the world from you.

Most athletes work so hard because they want to take care of and provide for their families.

What happens when that family gets overbearing, and your family starts to become your enemy.

The Dallas Morning News is reporting that Dallas Cowboys stud left tackle Tyron Smith is going through such a heartbreaking process right now.

The Morning News is reporting that Smith is “emotionally torn apart,” over his family trying to get all of his money.

Tuesday afternoon, Dallas police had to respond to a 911 to Smith’s North Dallas home.

Smith told police that his sibling showed up at his door to “harass and torment” him with financial motives.

The 21-year-old Smith has three sisters and two brothers.

Reports say that two of the sisters were among the group that showed up at Smith’s house Tuesday demanding money.

This summer Smith had to file a protection order against his stepfather Roy Pinkney, and his mother Frankie Pinkney, to prevent them from harassing him.

The order prevents Tyron Smith’s parents from harassing him through his siblings also.

Smith hired two Dallas based attorneys, Royce West and John Schorsch, to represent him.

“Lesser means were tried and they weren’t successful,” Schorsch said. “You can use your own imagination as to what it took for a guy that big and that imposing to be that worried.”

Smith who was the youngest player in the league last year, was the 9th overall selection in the 2011 NFL Draft.

Smith signed a four-year $12.5 million deal, and says he’s given his family a substantial amount of money over the past year.

The former Southern Cal left tackle says his family just keeps coming back for more.

The Dallas Cowboys and their security are aware of Smith’s situation, and have taken steps to avoid incidents around the team.

Smith’s Parents own a cleaning business in Riverside,Ca, and were prohibited from attending any training camp functions.

Reports have also surfaced that members of Smith’s family had to be removed from the teams facility during training camp in July.

It’s an extremely sad situation in my opinion.

This is something that you’d expect from an entourage or business associates, but your own family making you that uncomfortable over money that you need order’s of protection against them.


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  • poor guy. that is tough to read but he’s doing the right thing. too many stories about athletes not protecting themselves and winding up broke.

  • Winding up broke is the least of his worries, staying alive might be a little more important. His attorney’s statement leads me to believe the fam was at his door with a gun.

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