Cowboys Tyron Smith Missing Over $1 Million; Family Says He Owes Them

The saga of Dallas Cowboys left tackle Tyron Smith only seems to get worse by the day.

Yesterday we reported that Smith was being tormented by his family over money, and that 911 had to be called out to his residence on Tuesday because of a family disturbance.

Today the Dallas Morning News is reporting that Smith is also claiming that he is missing over $1 million and his family continues to demand more money from him.

Smith has hired a Dallas based attorney, John Schorsch, who says he will have a forensic accountant review Smith’s finances in an effort to find where more than $1 million has gone.

Smiths mother Frankie Pinkney has denied that her or her other children have anything to do with Tyron’s missing money.

“I don’t know anything about any missing money,” Pinkney said. “The money that we did receive from Tyron was all accounted for and everything is in writing, and he’s authorized all of it.”

Smith has 5 siblings, but they are all his stepfather Roy Pinkney’s natural-born children.

Smith’s mother Frankie continues to blame her strained relationship with Tyron on the fact that he has an older girlfriend  named Leigh Costa.

Leigh Costa has made claims, that the Pinkney girls have continued to threaten her.

Pinkney and the rest of the family continue to claim that Tyron Smith has betrayed his family continuously.

“They had not seen nor talked to him in months due to a family disagreement, which by the way, was not about finances,” Pinkney said in the statement. “The family disagreement was about his girlfriend, who is five years older than Tyron, who is a big part of the confusion in our family right now.

“Leigh reported that my daughters were threatening her and they were demanding money. My daughters did not make any threats.”

Costa and Tyron Smith have been dating for almost a year, and the two share his North Dallas home.

“Nothing she’s saying is factual,” Costa said about Smith’s mother’s statement. “I didn’t do anything. I’m a drive-by victim to his family’s chaos.”

Smith attorney John Schorsch, also vouched for Costa.

“His mom is effectively saying none of this is about money, and it’s Leigh’s fault. Leigh doesn’t have a restraining order on her. Leigh didn’t take any money. She didn’t do anything. Leigh is a third-party victim standing in the line of fire from these people, and it’s unfortunate.”

As we reported yesterday, Smith got an order of protection against his parents this summer.

“In order to get a restraining order of that nature you have got to provide certain evidence of threatening violence, and obviously those were met,” Schorsch said. “The mom and/or the stepdad, the collective group of family, have threatened the physical well-being of Tyron and the life of his girlfriend.”

Frankie Pinkney again denies threatening anyone.

“Oh, no. Trust me, there were no threats made whatsoever,” Pinkney said, “and this is all to protect his girlfriend, Leigh.”

When asked to discuss how much money Tyron has given her, Frankie Pinkney declined an answer.

“It was structured over a period of time. He’s agreed to give us a certain amount over a certain period of time throughout his contract,” Pinkney said.

Smith’s attorney called that a ridiculous statement.

“Ridiculous claim,” Schorsch said late Thursday night, “but very revealing of her inability to recognize the innate parasite mentality that is systemic around these young athletes. Obviously the enemy within the family is most dangerous to these young athletes.”

As I wrote yesterday, this situation is sad and will continue to get worse as it plays out.

I struggle to fathom a mother saying that “she and her son had a structured financial agreement.”