Cowboys VP Stephen Jones Says Team is Going in a Good Direction

One of the problems with the Cowboys is that they are like alcoholic who continuously denies they have a problem, so they can never get the proper help.

Take these comments from Jerry Jones’ son Stephen Jones for example via the Cowboys Corner.

Is Jason Garrett coaching for his future?

“I won’t even comment on that. Period. That’s ridiculous,” Jones said.

What kind of job do you think Garrett is doing?

“I think he understands the game. He has been a very success offensive coordinator. He started having success immediately. It wasn’t like there was a huge learning curve for him as a play caller. We have had a lot of great offenses here under Jason. We are moving the ball good this year for the most part. We are ranked pretty high in offense. The players respect him. He demands accountability.”

“I do think this team is going in a good direction.”

If the direction is backwards then Stephen Jones is absolutely correct.