Dez Bryant Taken Off Punt Returns, But Vows to Be Back

Honestly, Dez wasn’t a very good punt returner. Had some success his rookie year, but he also got hurt returning a punt and that cut his year short.

You would think that Cowboys could find someone to return punts besides their very brittle receiver, but they have kept him back there. After a couple of fumbles he has been taken off the unit, but Dez according to Pro Football Talk vows to be back.

“I was very understanding,” Bryant said. “But like I said, I’m going to get back in coach’s ear. I think it will be hard for him to tell me ‘no.’ I’m going to continue to keep working at it. It’s not hard for me to catch a punt. I just need to feel it in and stop looking upfield and think before catching the rock. That should be my first objective, to catch the ball and then go make a play.”

Glad he was understanding and didn’t punch anyone.