Doc Admits He Kept Rondo In During Blowout To Keep Assist Streak Alive

Doc Rivers and the Celtics are catching some heat this morning for what some are perceiving as a selfish act.

The question is who was the selfish perpetrator.

Magic Johnson owns the record for consecutive games with double-digit assist with 46 straight.

Last night the Celtics were blown out by 20 points in Detroit.

Rondo who’s streak was at 33 games last night, and still had not amassed 10 assist with the game decided, was kept in the game by head coach Doc Rivers.

Rivers pulled no punches in regard to why he continued to let Rondo play, and said he left him in because everyone continues to talk about the streak via ESPN Boston.

“Why not? You guys keep talking about it, so I figured I’d give him a shot at it,” Rivers said of intentionally gunning to extend Rondo’s streak. “It’s funny, the harder they tried, the worse we got at that. What did it come down to — what, 50 seconds or something? Jared made two jumpers. I think Jared gave him it, so that was good. When I called the timeout I said, ‘Guys, we’re going to lose the game, by the way. Let’s not play crazy, but if we can get him two more, let’s do it. If not, that’s it.’ First time we’ve done that.”