Dolphin’s Mike Pouncey Says Tannehill Is Better Than Luck and RG3

Didnt think you’d hear this one huh?

Naturally, or should I say most, teammates admire their quarterbacks and feel like they are better than others. According to, with 5 rookie QB’s starting in the NFL this season, Pouncey thinks he’s the best of them all.

“I think he’s better than RG3,” Pouncey said of Tannehill. “Their games are different. RG3 can throw, but he can also run. Tannehill’s a smart quarterback. I think he’s going to be one of those elite guys like Tom Brady when it comes said and done. Just his composure. His leadership in the huddle right now is just phenomenal. . . . I do see Tom, and the way he coordinates and runs his offense is the same as Tannehill does.”

When Luck was asked to comment on Pouncey’s statement:

“That’s great,” Luck said of Pouncy talking up Tannehill. “I hope my teammates would have my back in the argument but I understand there’s different opinions and it’s great that his teammate is supporting him like that.”