Drew Brees: Bounty Investigation was a Sham

Since the announcement of bounty gate and suspensions of Saint’s players and organizational members, quarterback Drew Brees has made it clear that he feels the NFL was wrong in how they handled it.

In fact, even stating that he feels the NFL doesn’t even have sufficient enough evidence to support their claims that an actual bounty system even existed.

Brees recently elaborated even more on how he feels.

Per Michael Irvin on NFL Network: “If anything it’s just brought us together because I think we’re at a stage now where the public, the fan base, everyone, I think, sees the truth in this,” Brees said.

“This process was kind of a sham from the start. We’re being accused of things based on rhetoric, and based on the testimony of some very unreliable people, as opposed to real evidence and real facts.”

At this point, I just wish there was some kind of resolution to the whole bounty scandal.

As the NFL has been unable to put a close to the situation because they have been unable to provide concrete evidence, one has to begin to think that Brees has a point.