Duke Female Lacrosse Player Shown In Blackface On School Website


Once again we get into the conversation of right and wrong, and how ethics and morals play a part in everything we do.

The constant revolving conversation of blackface and whether it is right or wrong will probably linger for years and decades to come.

The question today concerns what roles do institutions play in carrying out those  proper moral and ethics.

The Duke Blue Devils women’s lacrosse team decided to dress up in character theme for Halloween.

In the above photo, which was posted on goduke.com, the Junior female players obviously chose the “Little Rascals Theme.”

I would assume someone had to be Buckwheat, and I believe by looking at the photo, we can see which student chose the role.

The shock is not in the young lady choosing to paint her face black.

I don’t know if she’s racist, and digress from assuming such a claim in this forum and on this site.

What I do know is that regardless if the blackface was done with malice or in simple fun, the photo should not still be sitting on a page ran by Duke University athletics, some 12 days after Halloween.

I know pundits will be out in full force after reading this.

Well what if a black girl had dressed up in whiteface, or just didn’t mean any harm.

All that is irrelevant at this point, because the young lady will simply catch a ton of flack for painting her face black, and the meaning the gesture still holds all these years later.

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  1. I see no other way for a white person to portray a black person other than by wearing dark makeup. Is it really still called “blackface” or is that just to help make it seem racist?

  2. As a black man..its intent is obviously not racist. No need to even get upset about it. Shouldn’t have been news Glenn

    • Exactly right. What makes something racist is not the history, but the intent. This is not like the N* word, where even well-meaning people can really offend.

      We all know that blackface was used to perpetuate racist stereotypes. But that doesn’t mean it can never be done by someone ever again because someone misused it.

      This sort of hypersensitivity among people of all races only worsens things. We’re all learning and healing. Let the anger go, or at least save it for something worthy.

  3. Who really still gives a damn about this stuff which happens EVERY Halloween?

    There are way more important issues to be concerened about.

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