Durant Hits Grandma In Head With A Pass, Kisses Her To Apologize (video)

Kevin Durant is having his usual All Star caliber season so far, and has the Thunder in the thick of things early, even without the beard around to help.

Durant who is usually all business on the court, but an all around great guy in general, showed again last night why so many love him.

During last nights win over the Clippers, Durant was driving the lane, and tried to dish one out to Thabo Sefolosha, when he over threw Sefolosha, and hitting an elderly woman in the head.

Not one to be rude, Durant immediately rushed over, checked on the woman, and gave her a kiss for her wound.

The happy woman forgot all about her head, and even blushed after receiving the kiss from the gentle giant.

That’s KD for you.

Video Courtesy of Pro Basketball Talk