Dwight Howard Says He Plans On Hitting Brook Lopez in the Chest

Tonight arguably two of the NBA’s best big men, Dwight Howard and Brook Lopez, will go up against each other as Nets take on the Lakers in LA.

Dwight Howard says the strategy for Lopez is simple:

“Just make him run, force him to get out and play pick-and-rolls. A lot of bigs don’t like that. So we do that a couple times, and then hit him in the chest a couple times on the offensive end. Then that’ll tire him out.”

So how did Lopez respond? What‘s his strategy for Howard?:

“At least he said what he’s going to do. I’m not going do him any favors and tell him that.”

Given that Howard has already revealed the game plan…I’d say Advantage – Lopez.  None the less, given all of the hoopla and rumors surrounding Dwight Howard going to the Nets this summer,  in addition to Shaq deeming Brook Lopez the league’s best true center, there’s a lot of hype surrounding their match-up tonight. It should be a good one.