Dwight Howard Says He Will Play PG in Nash’s Absence & Call Him “Tragic Johnson”


Dwight is pretty dumb.

This isn’t a new flash and younger fans of the Lakers might not see what the big deal is, but this won’t sit well with older Lakers fans.

In 1984 Magic Johnson had an awful NBA Finals against the Celtics. Crucial turnovers and miscues that helped cost them the series.

In the offseason he was labeled “Tragic Johnson”. That never sat well with Magic and he came back uber motivated to prove people wrong which he did.

Dwight was trying to tell a joke, but for the 100th time it fell flat.

I am going to start calling Dwight, Nick Anderson until he gets his free throw shooting together.


  1. The Celtics were the ones who gave Magic that moniker and as someone who spent that summer crying over that loss (nice pass Worthy! Big game my ass!) anyone who watched that series knows it wasn’t Magic who was to blame for that loss *cough James Worthy cough*. Mitch may be correct on this one.

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