Dwight Howard Says Kobe Bryant Needs to Chill

While I don’t think the Lakers should be in full blown panic mode, one of their problems is Dwight Howard that thinks everything is a joke.

While it is still early, the Lakers do have problems and telling Kobe to relax is probably not the best move. Here is his quote via Pro Basketball Talk and reported by Dave McMenamin of ESPNLA.com.

“I think sometimes as a team we got to be able to not really show our frustrations that much,” Howard said after L.A. fell to 1-12 with their preseason record included. “A lot of the guys look at me and Kobe and they feed off us, so we have to do a better job of keeping our frustrations on the inside and just playing through it so our teammates won’t get down on themselves. So, we just got to do a better job at that.

“I know [Kobe] was a little frustrated tonight. He wants to win just as bad as all of us do, but we just got to stay together, remember it’s a process, and stay focused.”

I get what Dwight is trying to say, because when Kobe gets angry it is at Hulk like levels, but Dwight isn’t the player that should be telling Kobe to relax.

He just got to the team and his reputation as a leader isn’t stellar.

The Lakers in my opinion will right the ship, but keep a close eye and Kobe and Dwight’s relationship. Kobe told Dwight to keep the clown act in Orlando and Dwight has ignored it, so we will see what happens.

8 thoughts on “Dwight Howard Says Kobe Bryant Needs to Chill

  • Mr. Littal,

    First, I would like to say, I really enjoy your site. I’ve been a reader for two, going on three years. Reason I decided to follow your site above the Mothership, and other monolpizing sports sites- Is you’re not Bias, I like your story of starting BSO, and we have alike humor. I’m also a thirty-somthing Black male, and I can relate to a lot of your content “Smarten up Nas”. Love that… However, you know it had to be a but.. This story on Dwight Howard saying Kobe Bryant needs to chill, is so off. For one, Dwight was not quoted as saying “Kobe needs to chill” If anything he was just saying Kobe needs to stay focus. Seeing that headline, and reading the story made me want to put you in the the same category as the Mothership, and all the others. Please refrain from going down that lane. You’re bigger than that. I’m no Dwight Howard fan, I agree with you on many of your thoughts about him, especially not claiming his 5 kids, or 3 confirmed, and 2 not confirmed- However you put it, being a Father myself it’s not a good look. Took a lot for me, to even write this b/c usually I just roll with the punches, I’ve read many misspelled stories, and just over look them b/c I know you’re working around the clock and 90% of the content is your doing. Keep pushing, and doing your thing.

    PS.. I bought your APP as well. Just to support.

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