Eagles Considered Trading Up to Draft RG3 To Replace Mike Vick

It’s amazing how quickly things change in the NFL.  Six weeks ago the Eagles were 3-1 following a primetime victory over the Super Bowl Champion New York Giants, and the Redskins were a respectable 2-2 after a thrilling game-winning drive in Tampa engineered by rookie sensation Robert Griffin III.  If only the NFL had scheduled Sunday’s Eagles-Redskins game for Week 5 instead of Week 11 where both teams now enter the de facto NFC East “final elimination” game with identical 3-6 records.  Beyond the teams’ recent slumps, Michael Vick’s concussion may deprive us of what was expected to be the first meeting between RGIII and MV7.  Since a Nick Foles-RGIII matchup certainly lacks that same kind of sex appeal, we’re going to have to be a little more creative to add some intrigue to Sunday’s game.  How about this for starters:  RGIII could have been a Philadelphia Eagle.  According to the Philadelphia Inquirer’s Birds’ Eye View Eagles Blog, the Eagles met with Griffin III during their pre-draft meetings.  Here’s what RGIII had to say about the meeting via Philly.com:

“I met with the Eagles and coach Reid told me they were very interested in me and you never know what can happen,” Griffin III said. “I really enjoyed my meeting with them. But obviously things didn’t work out and I’m here with the Redskins. I’m proud to be here.”

“I think that was the first time that I thought that they were even thinking about drafting me or moving up to pick me,” Griffin III said. “Other than that, I tried to keep an open mind so wherever I went, I’d be happy.”

We will never know just how seriously the Eagles considered moving up to get RGIII, but they definitely could not have matched the king’s ransom that the Redskins paid to the St. Louis Rams.  Whether or not Michael Vick has anything left is still up for debate, but if the Eagles choose to go with Nick Foles going forward then Foles will have added pressure from some Eagles fans who will stubbornly compare him to RGIII twice a year when the Eagles play the Redskins.  RGIII, Jeremy Maclin, DeSean Jackson, and LeSean McCoy.  Would’ve made a heck of a 4X100 team for the Penn Relays.



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