Eagles LB Casey Matthews: Philly Fans Would Love Chip Kelly

Could we see Oregon’s spread offense in the NFC East next year?  At least one Philadelphia Eagle thinks that Oregon head coach Chip Kelly could be the man to right the ship in Philly.  Here’s what ex-Oregon Duck and current Eagles linebacker Casey Matthews had to say about the possibility of Kelly coaching the Eagles courtesy of NFL.com and Philly.com:

“I think the fans here would love him,” Matthews told the Philadelphia Inquirer. “They would love his attitude, his go-get-it mentality.”

Matthews went on to add this on whether the Oregon offense would work in the NFL:

“You got to have the right personnel,” Matthews said. “I think it could work [in the NFL]. I don’t see why it couldn’t. It’s pretty tough to stop. Even when you have it down teams will start getting tired quick. They’re not used to that pace.”

A brief pause for that awkward moment when you realize that the Eagles haven’t officially fired Andy Reid yet and Matthews has to play for Reid for five more weeks.  Chip Kelly coming to Philadelphia would certainly make a sexy story, but could Nick Foles really run Kelly’s offense if the Eagles move on from the Michael Vick era?  Would the Eagles offensive line really be able to keep up the pace?  You’re going to hear plenty of names come up for the Eagles coaching vacancy if Andy Reid is fired, but if the Eagles do decide to target a college coach named “Kelly”, I’m not so sure that Chip is the right one.