Eagles Players Believe Andy Reid will be Fired

If even the players are believing it, Andy Reid’s time in Philadelphia may officially be over.

According to the Philadelphia Inquirer, three veteran players said that Sunday’s embarrassing 31-6 defeat at the hands of the Redskins was the end for their coach.

I know it. I know it,” said one defensive player, who requested to be anonymous due to the sensitive nature of the subject. “And the only reason I’m here is because of Andy. Some vets have been talking about how the next (coach) may want his own guy.”

While some in the locker room know Reid is finished, he does still have some supporters.

“In my opinion, he’s the best coach in the NFL,” left tackle King Dunlap said. “I can’t imagine them getting anyone better to replace him.”

If even your players believe you won’t keep your job, I don’t understand how you could make a difference coaching if they’re already thinking about your replacement.

Reid’s time might be up in the city of Brotherly Love.