Eric Spoelstra Calls Chris Bosh Heat’s Most Important Player

The Miami Heat have their big three, and there’s no question about the pecking order of the three.

All three stars have their strengths, and value, but there has always been the question regarding who’s the most important.

The answer to that question might surprise some people, if you leave it up to the head coach.

Miami Heat head coach Eric Spoelstra values all three of his stars, but according to Pro Basketball Talk, he feels Chris Bosh is the most important player on the team.

“He is our most important player, and he’s as steady and consistent as he always has been for the last two and a half years,” Spoelstra said. “He makes it look easy and he makes it look quiet, and yet he’s so impactful in the game. He was big under the rim and not just his scoring, but the big plays defensively at the end.”

Before everyone gets outraged by such comments, Spoelstra said important, not most valuable, or the best player.

Bosh is an extremely important cog in the Heat’s system.

Bron and Wade are going to do what they do, but they are a more dynamic, and strong team when Bosh is on his game.