Former D-Leaguer Marcus Campbell Being Held Hostage in Qatar

This is a complicated story, so I will try to break it down in the simplest terms. If you want the full story go to, they give a ton of details.

Campbell is like a lot of professional basketball players.  They were solid in college, but not good enough for the NBA so they play wherever they can, all over the world a lot of times for very little money.

Campbell was set to play in Al Rayyan Doha Club in Qatar.  He was offered a partially guaranteed contract and practiced with the team for almost two months.

Suddenly Campbell was told that things had changed and his services were no longer needed because of some weird quota system they have.

The team offered Campbell $20k to leave quietly, Campbell and his agent wanted the $50k + salary he was owed per the terms of his contract.  Campbell threatened to go to FIBA Arbitration if the club refused to give him his money.

The club did refuse and that is when things get a little crazy.

Campbell gets a new gig with Cyprus with Apollon Limassol, but as he is trying to prepare to leave Qater he is evicted from his apartment and the Qater Government won’t allow him to leave the country.

Here is how it went down when Campbell tried to board a plane to leave.

“My new Club from Cyprus had gotten me a 7 am flight, so I woke early, taxied to the airport, anxious to see a new country and actually play basketball again!” The American Center checked in at the Gulf Air ticket counter, got his ticket, and ambled to passport control. There, he presented his passport and ticket. And the wheels came off. “where is your visa exit document?” said the woman in the booth. Campbell said he had none, and was turned away.

He has tried to get an Exit Visa from the team and government, but was told the only way they would give it to him is if he accepted their settlement and promised not to take them to FIBA arbitration.

So, Campbell is in Qatar with no place to live, no friends, no family, little money and no way out.

The US Consulate is now involved, so hopefully he will get home soon.

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  • Word of advice..take the deal and get the f*ck out of the country…quick

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