Former Eagle Jeremiah Trotter Tells Jason Babin To Man Up, Get A Grip

Philadelphia Eagles defensive end Jason Babin has not been pleased with the reception and comments that Eagles fans have been making towards the team lately.

Babin went as far as to question the loyalty and support of his teams fans.

According to Philly Mag, one former Eagles is none to pleased with Babin’s sensitive remarks.

Former Eagle Jeremiah Trotter was on 97.5 The Fanatic, and said “Babin needs to focus less on the fans, and channel his energy more towards stopping offenses.”

“Dude, get a grip, this is football,” Trotter said, via “You’re a man. Why are you worried about what people say anyway? I understand that players have feelings, but you’re a man. You’re playing a gladiator sport, and you’re running around worried about what fans are talking about? Even if I did feel a certain way you would never hear me say it because number one, you are showing your weakness right there. You’re playing a gladiator sport, dude. Go play ball.”

“When I hear some of this talk man it really, really pisses me off,” Trotter said, “because you’re focused on the wrong thing. You should be focusing this week on the Saints, not focusing on what the fans are saying, or putting things on Twitter saying this or that. Come on, dude. Go out and win some games. Let the fans do what they’re gonna do. Fans are still going to be fans, and they have every right to boo you if you don’t go out and put a good product on the field.”

Trotter has now spoken, focus on your job Babin.



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