Giants Antrel Rolle Tells A.J. Green He Better Duck Sunday

Shots fired, shots fired.

Yesterday Bengals all everything wide receiver calmly stated that he see’s holes in the Giants secondary that he feels he can exploit.

Giants safety Antrel Rolle didn’t like that all, and according to the New York Daily News, he has a message for young Mr. Green.

Simply put, Antrel thinks he better duck.”

“I’ll talk with my pads come Sunday,” Rolle said.“That’s how I approach the game. If he sees me, he better duck. That’s it.

“If I get a chance,” he added, “I’m coming across.”

“Have we given up plays? Yeah, we’ve given up plays,” Rolle said. “So I can definitely see why he says that. But at the same time we’re winning games. We’re doing whatever it takes to win games out here.

“We’re creating turnovers when an opportunity presents itself. So I don’t really worry too much about what he says.”

“Just go play the game, man,” Rolle said. “You can’t worry about what one guy says. He just needs to go play his game, and we need to play ours. If he sees holes, then hopefully, he’ll find ’em.”