Hakeem Nicks: ‘Stats is for Girls’

Due to multiple injuries to his knee and foot, Hakeem Nicks certainly hasn’t played like a number 1 wide receiver this season. His stats reflect that.

Since week 2, Nicks has a grand total of 17 catches for 191 yards with no touchdowns.

Apparently though, Nicks isn’t too concerned about his decline in production.

Per the Newark Star-Ledger: Nicks was quoted as saying, “Stats is for girls. It’s football man. The season is going to be up and down. It’s about how you ride the wave and if you let it affect you. I know I’m a great football player, and we’re ready to make this run after the bye week.”

Nicks believes a breakout game is around the corner.

It might be this game, you never know,” he said. “It’s coming though. I feel myself getting better, trusting myself a little bit more each game. It’s definitely coming.”

Nicks is certainly still an above average receiver despite what the numbers might indicate.

The biggest factor is his health. If he can get and remain healthy, he will put up his usual dominate numbers opposite Victor Cruz.