Herm Edwards And Jon Gruden Say Tebow Is A Victim In Jets Mess

Tim Tebow is having a rough morning.

Earlier we reported on the Daily News article that had several of Tebow’s Jet teammates stating that the backup is “terrible,” and not a good player.

This whole fiasco of bring Tebow to New York after Denver signed Peyton Manning has been a ridiculous mistake, and jobs and roster spots will fall because of it.

Two of the more respected figures in pro football don’t think it’s all on Tebow.

Former NFL head coaches and current analyst Jon Gruden, and Herm Edwards think Tebow is a “victim,” and had no chance to succeed according to USA Today.

“He’s done nothing wrong,” Edwards said. “All he’s done every day is come to work, and he’s working hard every day. And they blasted the guy. Like, really? I could see if he was playing.”

Gruden says he feels sorry for Tebow.

“Tebow’s been a big lightning rod for quite some time.”

“It’s 10 weeks into the season, and it’s obvious, based on film and stat sheets I’ve seen, that he’s not going to be the every-down quarterback of the New York Jets.

“I feel for the kid, because I’m a fan of Tebow’s. His teammates are tired, probably exhausted, of being asked about him. I hate to hear that people are on that wagon right now. I got a lot of confidence in the person he is and the kind of player he is. He’ll end up making a difference for somebody.

“I’m from Florida. I can tell you there’s an army of Tebow fans down here. Down the road, someone will give him an opportunity, whether it’s New York or elsewhere.”

Edwards chimed in again, and feels Tebow is a victim, after having teammates describe him as terrible.

Tebow really hasn’t been a part of the offense, so the questions are asked, ‘Should Tebow play more?’ And the players are tired of answering them,” said Edwards, now an ESPN analyst.

“That’s what is so puzzling. When (the Jets) made that move to bring him in here, (they) had to know this guy is a celebrity. The Jets miscalculated the attention this guy was going to warrant.

“They haven’t even played him enough to even get an idea of why they brought him in. So why did (they) bring him here? They’re not going to play him. Basically, he’s the personal punt protector.”

“He was a distraction from the beginning, and before the season is over, he’s another distraction,” Edwards said. “Remember, (after he was traded), this guy had a press conference with more than 200 people there. In the history of football, I’ve never seen that.

“The more you don’t play the guy, the more the questions are going to arise. If you play him and it doesn’t work out, than that’s another thing. You can say, ‘We tried him, it didn’t work out.’ There are no more questions.”

“They had these issues in the locker room last year,” Edwards said. “That’s why they brought Tim Tebow in. And once you get players talking and they’re not putting their names on it, it becomes even bigger. Now Rex has to deal with this.

Trust this will get ugly, before it gets better.

As I said this morning, I struggle to feel bad for Tebow, because he knew what he was coming to New York for.

If Tebow really had the opportunity to accept a trade to Jacksonville, I highly doubt he turned it down because he felt beating Sanchez out was easier than taking Blaine Gabbert’s job.

I find that very suspect.

Tebow enjoys the billboards, the press, the backpage clippings.

He is apart of his own downfall, his own New York massacre.