Hope Solo’s Husband Ex-NFL Jerramy Stevens Arrested Again (Mugshot)

This was for a parole violation. The reason he was arrested in the first place is an interesting story.

Stevens was on probation in Florida, stemming from a drug-possession charge from October 2010. Stevens was playing for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers at the time, and he was arrested near the team hotel after an officer found marijuana in a Crown Royal bag contained in his equipment bag.

Any time a Crown Royal bag is involved trouble is around the corner.

He violated his probation because of being in possession of weed.

Stevens has had several run ins with the law, most recently an arrest for domestic violence against his then fiancee US Soccer player Hope Solo (they got married after he posted bail).

Something tells me that marriage isn’t going to end well.

One thought on “Hope Solo’s Husband Ex-NFL Jerramy Stevens Arrested Again (Mugshot)

  • So when Stevens goes all Chris Brown on her ass, how long will we have to act shocked?

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