Hornets Coach Monty Williams Fined 25K for “Pink Drawers” Concussion Criticism

The NBA announced Tuesday that New Orleans Coach Monty Williams was fined $25,000 for what they called “public comments that were critical of the NBA.”   Williams, angry that #1 pick Anthony Davis was not allowed to play Saturday night against the Bulls after sustaining a mild concussion after being elbowed by teammate Austin Rivers, had this to say according to SI.com.

 “Now, they treat everybody like they have white gloves and pink drawers and it’s getting old. It’s just the way the league is now.”

“It’s a man’s game,” Williams said. “They’re treating these guys like they’re 5 years old. He desperately wanted to come (to Chicago), but he couldn’t make it.”

Asked what he doesn’t like about the concussion policy, he said, “The NBA is doing what’s necessary to protect the players, but this is not the NFL. You don’t get hit in the head that much. I understand it. But as a coach, I’m a baby about it. I want my guys ready to play.”

I’m glad the NBA is taking a tough stance on concussions.  There are plenty of studies that show the dangerous long-term effects they have those who sustain them.  The only question I have for Coach Williams is…What’s wrong with pink drawers???