HS Basketball Player Suing Teammates For Putting Urine is His Hair Gel

I am against bullying.

Especially little kids, nerds and what not, but if you are 6 feet 200+ plus like Wake Gardner and the basketball team is picking on you, you need to throw some hands and not run to Jackie Childs.

According to the ABQ Journal, the last straw for Gardner was when his teammates put urine is his hair gel. Even though the kids were punished by the school, Gardner decided to pursue a lawsuit and criminal charges.

Even Gardner’s mom thought that was a little extreme.

“I told him not to do it and to move along,” she said. “I have to respect him.”

The parents of the kids accused of bullying say it was more of a back and forth as oppose to just bullying Gardner which I tend to believe.

If someone is bigger and stronger than you is being a bully go to the authorities, but if you are big enough to defend yourself, be a man and stand up for yourself.

That is what Gardner should have done.