Iowa Adviser Exchanged Football Tickets for Sex; Had Naked Pics on Work Computer


I am just going to make a run down of Peter Gray is accused of doing while at Iowa according to USA Today.

  • Provided football tickets and money for sexual favors.
  • Inappropriately touched student-athletes.
  • Made sexual comments in a presentation to recruits and their parents.
  • Touched a Students Genitals.
  • Naked Photos of individuals engaged in sex acts with toys or stuffed animals.
  • Photos of men in swimsuits and underwear as his screen saver.
  • Photos on his MySpace of him licking the back of the ear of one male while holding a drink.

There is more, but you get the idea.

The crazy thing is Gray has worked at the University for decades and he didn’t get fired, he resigned.

An investigation is ongoing.


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