Iowa Wrestlers Suspended for Hunting Bugs Bunny on Campus

I love watching old cartoons, but as I get older I start to realize how incredibly violent those cartoons were.

Elmer Fudd was steadily trying to murder Bugs Bunny with a double barrel shotgun. Just think about that for a minute while you read this.

Two University of Iowa wrestlers have been suspended from the team after they were arrested for illegally hunting rabbits on campus.

Athletic director Gary Barta said Wednesday that freshmen Alex Meyer and Connor Ryan were arrested Tuesday by campus police. Barta says they used BB guns and air rifles during the hunt.

One thought on “Iowa Wrestlers Suspended for Hunting Bugs Bunny on Campus

  • Violent cartoons and two absolute fucking morons hunting rabbits on a school campus are totally, 100% unrelated. First of all, college freshmen didn’t watch Bugs Bunny as you and I did. They are 18 years old and, as crazy as it sounds, they were watching Sponge Bob and other things. My wife’s 20 year old brother has NEVER WATCHED BUGS BUNNY and newer cartoons are not nearly the same as the amazingly awesome ones we (who are in our thirties or forties or more) watched as children.

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