Is Jon Gruden Assembling A Staff For A Return To The Sideline?

There are coaches all over the NFL on the hot seat.

A loss or two more by a few coaches, and we will have our normal carousel of coaching candidates, and run of the mill coaches searching for jobs.

One name that is constantly being thrown around is former Bucs head coach, and current Monday Night Football commentator Jon Gruden.

Gruden’s name has been mentioned for the Eagles job more than once in the last week.

The question many have is whether or not Gruden has interest in coaching again, and where.

CBS Sports NFL Insider Mike Freeman is reporting that Gruden may possibly be gauging the interest of possible assistants, to see who he could get on a staff.

Freeman: “Gruden will deny this as he is one of the great slicksters in the profession and his current employer, ESPN, might not know his true intentions. Yet sources around the sport, including several assistant coaches, say Gruden has been quietly asking some NFL assistants, hypothetically, that if he did come back, would they be interested in joining him.”

Reports say it is unclear if Gruden’s possible return will be to the NFL or college.