James Harden Addresses Him Paying $20k to Model Jenna Shea to “Hang Out”



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It doesn’t bother me what The Beard does with his money.

If he wants to “Bless” the Strippers or hang out with video vixens, who am I to judge?

But since he chose to address the story about him paying $20k for fly a model and her friends out, it was my journalistic duty to find out the truth.


It was a classic non denial, so I spoke with someone close to the situation in Houston and this is what they had to stay.

“The exact amount of money maybe wasn’t $20k, I don’t know if it was more or less. It isn’t uncommon for players to send for women, they pay not so much for them to come, but to leave. The only problem with this situation is someone leaked to the media it was Harden who sent for them. If it was any other player no one would care, but Harden has a reputation and it became a story. No one considers it a big deal even if the story is fairly accurate. Things are being put in place to make sure it doesn’t leak to the media again.”

As far as Jenna Shea she isn’t confirming or denying anything.

Which is really all you need to know. Pimp on Young Beard Pimp On


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