Jay Cutler Says He Felt Bad For Jason Campbell Monday Night

The title and quote are both hilarious and insightful.

Jay Cutler missed the Bears getting massacred by San Francisco because of a concussion.

Veteran backup Jason Campbell got the start instead and he suffered a brutal beating at the hands of 49er defenders.

Campbell went 14/22 for 107 yards, a touchdown, and two interceptions in the loss, but was also sacked 6 times, pressured 11 times, and just beat on all night.

The Sun Times is reporting that Cutler addressed the matter on his weekly radio show, and Jay let people know he empathized with Campbell.

I felt bad for the guy. It’s a hard situation to be in,” Cutler said on ESPN 1000 Tuesday. “I think backup quarterback is one of the best jobs and one of the worst jobs. It’s a tough, tough gig, whenever the guy [the starter] goes down.

“Especially a veteran like him. He’s expected to perform at a high level. But I don’t think [the offense] gave him a fair shot.”

Campbell said the experience was a “nightmare for him.”

I have to believe Cutler felt bad and good at the same time.