Jeanie Buss Asks Michelle Obama For Advice on “Supporting Your Man”

Jeanie Buss has broken her silence. We haven’t heard anything from the Lakers’ Executive and daughter of Jerry Buss since the franchise decided against hiring her long-time boyfriend Phil Jackson. Monday she asked the First Lady for advice.

I can’t imagine how she feels-being stuck between her family business and her mate. The Lakers handled the whole coaching situation very poorly. They told Phil Jackson the job was his if he wanted it, and then hired Mike D’Antoni. I’m sure she told her family that she was not pleased with how poorly things were handled, and that Phil Jackson deserved more respect than was given. She is RIGHT. One thing Michelle Obama knows about is standing by your man in face of adversity. And if Michelle Obama were to respond, I’m sure she would tell Jeanie that believing in your man is NEVER wrong, and neither is standing up for what is right.