Jeff Green Says All He Heard Was KG Cursing After Dunking On Jefferson

Kevin Garnett has personally taken Celtics forward Jeff Green under his wing.

Garnett is trying to rub off on Green, as he clamors for Green to be more aggressive.

Last night against the Jazz, Green showed some of that new-found aggression when he posterized Jazz forward Al Jefferson with the dunk of the year.

Green talked about the dunk last night and the reaction it drew from Garnett and the fans.

Green told NESN that he couldn’t hear the reaction from the fans, because all he could hear was Garnett screaming “expletives in his ear.”

“I heard Kevin Garnett,” Green said after the Celtics’ 98-93 win. “Use your imagination and just think of Kevin Garnett. It was explicit. He said it to me the other day, what I need to be, and that’s basically what he said.”
“I have been playing a little lackadaisical as far as the effort in the prior couple games, so it felt good to get that [dunk],” Green said. “It kind of boosts your confidence up and gets you going a little bit.”
The Celtics need Green to be aggressive and a factor if they want to make any type of noise come June.
So far so good.