Jeremy Lin Thinks He Will Be An All-Star Someday

Jeremy Lin blew up over a strong month last season in New York, and that catapulted in to a pretty good 3 year $25 million dollar deal in Houston.

Lin is in Houston now, and coincidence or not, Lin is now in the same place that allowed Yao Ming to capture All Star vote year after year from the Asian community.

Lin has dreams an aspirations like everyone else, and according to ESPN New York, he thinks he will be an All Star point guard someday.

“At some point, for sure. Right now I have a ways to go, but at some point, yes. I try to get better every year, and if I do that and work on the things that are problems for me right now, I definitely think I’ll have that chance.”

Jeremy Lin knows what he’s doing, his own personal PR machine is rolling right now, and he’s about to suck a whole lot of people in.

Jeremy Lin knows for a fact there’s a good chance he could be an All Star this year, thanks to the fact that the fans vote for that honor.

I’m just saying Jeremy keep it real, and fall back with that someday talk.


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