Joe Namath Losing Faith in Mark Sanchez

Former New York Jets quarterback and Hall of Famer Joe Namath has been clear up to this point that he believes Sanchez can lead the Jets to the promise land.

However, after the Jets dismantling by the Patriots on Thanksgiving, it sounds like Namath has begun to sing a different tune.

Per the Michael Kay Show:  “I’m questioning some of the things that I’ve seen,” Namath said.“I don’t know what’s inside Mark’s head. I don’t know that he’s gifted enough at this point to be feeling what he sees and making the changes.”

“It’s going to remain to be seen how he plays these next four or five games,” Namath said. “Because they can very well dictate whether he’s here or deserves to be here next year. If these players don’t step up, they don’t deserve to be there next year. From what I’ve seen on the field, it’s the players that are causing the problem.

Honestly, I’m surprised it has taken this long for Namath to question Sanchez ability to play the position.

I think we have all seen enough of him to know he isn’t a great quarterback and probably never will be.