Justin Tuck Says He Has Nightmares About RG3

Robert Griffin III has become a force of nature at quarterback that not many people are ready or interested in dealing with.

Sunday night after his performance in Dallas, Cowboys owner Jerry Jones said he was tired of dealing with RG3 already.

You can add another NFC East opponent to that group.

After barely escaping the Redskins a few weeks ago, Justin Tuck said he hated the football gods for putting Griffin III in their division.

Tuck is still reeling from that meeting, and told the Washington Post, he has “nightmares about Robert Griffin III.”

“Until I exit stage right, it seems like he’s going to be a fixture in my dreams and nightmares.”

“I was hoping to learn that he would slow down a little bit, but that’s not the case,” Tuck told reporters. “He is one of the best dual threats in our game today, and we’re gonna have our hands full trying to stop that guy.”