KG Says He Hates Silly Ass Commercials In Rant About Team Chemistry (Video)

Fresh off of talking about Charles Barkley and his sound bites, Boston Celtics forward Kevin Garnett is another amazing walking sound bite in his own right.

In an interview with, Garnett was asked if chemistry was an issue for the Celtics following last nights win.

Garnett in typical Garnett fashion, answered the question, insulted a cable provider, and use a weird analogy to help explains himself.

“I think the more practice, the more you get familiar with each other. There’s no hit the fast forward button here. You’ve got Comcast. Some shows you can’t fast forward through. You’ve just got to let it go through and watch the silly ass commercials and be pissed, right? This is what this is.

“Did I just take a shot at Comcast? [Expletive] it, I did it. So what? I’m a DirecTV guy anyway. This is what this is. I’m not helping myself, am I? [Expletive] it. [Expletive] it. [Expletive] it. Who cares? Anyway, that’s what this is. We totally messed that up, right? Goddamned, we just totally messed that up. But this is one of those things where it just takes its course and you can’t speed anything up.”