Lakers Coach Mike Brown Defends Himself And Princeton Offense, Says Relax Folks

The Los Angeles Lakers are 0-2, Steve Nash is banged up already, and there is panic in the city of angels.

Lakers head coach Mike Brown hears the criticism of his job and his offense, but according to Inside The Lakers, he wants everyone to know, it’s gonna be alright.

“I’ve been criticized by those guys before. It’s okay,” Brown said with a laugh. “It comes with the territory. I think they’re funny guys. They’re very funny and a joy to watch on TV for a lot of people. I’m okay with that….

“The first thing is with our offense, every time down the floor — and if they want to, they can call Steve Nash and ask him — Steve Nash has the right to play pick and roll if he wants to,” Brown said. “He has said it himself that he doesn’t feel like he’s as burdened because he doesn’t have to make every play for everybody all the time with what we’re trying to do. He can give it up and still have a chance to get it back. He’s said that he feels as fresh as he’s ever felt in his career because he doesn’t feel the pressure of making every single play.”

Steve Nash himself has defended Brown, saying that he needs to be more aggressive and take charge of the offense.

I don’t believe Mike Brown needs to be fired in any way.

With a quartet of Gasol, Bryant, Nash, and Howard together, they should be talented and intelligent enough to figure it out.

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