Lebron James: Chris Paul is Best Point Guard in NBA

That’s it folks.  “King James” has issued his decree, so it’s time for all of us to stop these ridiculous barbershop debates about which NBA point guard is the league’s best.  After Wednesday’s 107-100 Clippers’ win over Miami, King James explained why he chose to bequeath this noble title on Chris Paul courtesy of the Los Angeles Times:

“He’s always aware, he knows the tempo of the game, knows the score. He’s always aware of when he needs to pick his points, you know, pick his shots or get into attack and make things happen.

“That’s why I’ve always felt that he’s the best point guard in the NBA.”

While we can’t discount the fact that Lebron James and Chris Paul are “happy time” friends off of the court, I couldn’t have articulated the reasoning behind why Paul is the league’s best PG any better myself.  Speak out against the King at your own risk peasants.