Mark Cuban Says Lakers Fans are Twitter Thugs

In the past fans didn’t have a way to reach out to players, media members, coaches, owners and etc to voice their opinions. Then Twitter came out and everyone became a tough guy while sitting behind their computers.

A lot of it is truly pathetic, I would venture 90% of the threats made on Twitter wouldn’t be made face to face. Lakers fans can be a sensitive fan base, so I can only imagine the type of Tweets that Mavericks owner Mark Cuban gets.

When asked if he had anything to say about the Lakers and their fans here is what he had to say.

“I’ve said enough about the Lakers,” Cuban said with a grin while working out on an elliptical machine. “Let’s just say that when you say something bad about the Lakers, you get a ton of Twitter threats, so it’s just not worth it. There is just more Twitter courage in Southern California than probably any other part of the world.”

The Lakers blew out the Mavericks Saturday night, so the Lakers fans have a lot to crow about.